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What is a Cigar Selfie

Cigar selfie was built on the premise of “Cigars – For the People, by the People…” You see, cigars are more than just the idea of smoking… In fact, cigars are much more of a “lifestyle” than most people know. Cigars are a symbol of freedom, relaxation and luxury. Cigarselfie.com emboldens all of these traits. 

The founder of cigarselfie.com, Randy Jerome wanted to give an opportunity for a community to come together to show off the cigar lifestyle through selfies. Webster dictionary defines a selfie as: Selfie (noun) An image that includes oneself and is taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks. Consider this site and app, the social network to exploit the cigar lifestyle. 

The purpose of this community is to share your experiences with different cigars with other members. In doing so you give other members an idea of what that cigar is like and you may even meet some new friends in the process. After you create an account you can begin sharing immediately and the process couldn’t be easier. – Enjoy the Journey…

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Snap A Selfie

Start by taking a selfie of you smoking your cigar. Be sure to include the whole cigar and the label.

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Upload Your Cigar Selfie

Upload your photos or videos and let us know what you thought of the cigar.

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Share Your Cigar Selfie

Share your cigar selfie with the community and engage with other members.

The Community Grows Daily

The Cigar Selfie Community is constantly growing and evolving. Cigars are just as diverse as the people who enjoy them. We're sharing more than just what we think of these cigars but also our experiences with them. Join the community and start sharing today.

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Our members are avid cigar smokers who love sharing their thoughts and experiences with each other. To get involved is as simple as signing up and sharing your first selfie.

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